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TOEFL Structures Skills : sentence with one clause : Skill 2 : objects of prepositions

TOEFL Structures Skills : sentence with one clause : Skill 2 : objects of prepositions

(Be careful of objects of prepositions)

An objects of a preposition is a noun or a pronoun that comes after a preposition, such as in, at, of, to, by, behind, on and so on, to form a prepositional phrase.
Example 1 : (After his exam) Tom will take a trip (by boat)
Example 1 : With his friend, he found the movie theater.

A preposition is followed by a noun or pronoun that is called an object of the preposition. If a word is an object of a preposition, it is not the subject.

list of 50 objects of prepositions in English TOEFL Test 


List of 50 prepositions (object of prepositions) in English TOEFL Test

List of 50  prepositions (object of prepositions) in English TOEFL Test

1- He's been smoking too much. He really needs to cut down. (stop it)
2 - The company had to cut off the electricity because the bill was unpaid. (stop the supply of)
3 - He kept teasing me, so finally I told him to cut it out. (decrease it)
4 - He is working hard because he really wants to get ahead in his career. (advance)
5 - She is such a nice person that she is easily able to get along with everyone. (be friendly)
6 - Could you explain a little more clearly? I really don't understand what
you are trying to get at. (imply)
7 - When he stole some money from her, she really wanted to do something
to get back at him. (get revenge against)
8 - We have enough money to get by for a few months; we won't have a lot of
extras, but we will survive. (manage)
9 - She was sick for several weeks, but now she has started to get over it. (recover from)
10 - There are too many clothes in my closet. I need to get rid of some of them. (throw away)
11 - He read the untrue stories about himself in the newspaper, but he tried
not to react. He just tried to brush it of. (not let it have an effect)
12 - I haven't played Scrabble in quite some time. I'll have to brush up on the
rules before we play. (review, relearn)
13 - While we were walking in the mountains, we were lucky enough to come across a waterfall. It was quite a surprise to find such a beautiful thing. (look at it briefly)
14 - She is not feeling well; she thinks she is about to come down with the flu. (get sick with)
15 - While I'm on my trip, do you think you could look after my cats? (take care of)
16 - The police detective was not sure how the crime was committed. She
decided to look into it further. (investigate)
17 - Here is my application. Could you take a few moments to look it over?(come and get)
18 - The brother always used to pick on his younger sister. His favorite tricks
were to pull her hair, tease her, or scare her. (bother)
19 - You have tried on three dresses, but you can't afford all of them. You'll
have to pick out just one. (choose)
20 - Could you pick me up after school today? I'll wait for you out in front of
the school. (unexpectedly find)
21 -  We have some new neighbors. I think I'll call on them later this afternoon. (visit)
22 -  The principal had to call off the class on Tuesday because the teacher
was sick. (cancel)
23 - The politician should call for a decrease in taxes. (request, suggest)
24 - Why don't you call me up about 9:00? I'll be waiting by the phone. (telephone)
25 - I don't need this bicycle any more. It's not worth too much money, so I
think I'll just give it away. (donate)
26 - Here's the book I borrowed from you, and now I think I should give
it back. (return)
27 -  I've done all I can. I just can't do anything more. I give up. (surrender)
28 - The teacher has to put off the exam until next week because the students
are not prepared. (delay)
29 - She has to put on her coat before she goes out into the cold winter weather. (dress in)
30 - He's such a mean man that it's difficult to put up with him. (tolerate)
31 - I was scared last night because someone tried to break into my house. (unlawfully enter)
32 - He and she have been friends for more than two years, but now they've
decided to break off their relationship. (end)
33 - I'm really excited to be selected as master of ceremonies. I've never done
this before, but I'm really going to try to carry it off.(succeed)
34 - After her husband was killed in an accident, she tried hard to carry on
with her life. (continue)
35 - I'm going to hold off  taking my vacation. I was scheduled to take my
vacation this week, but I'll take it next month instead. (postpone)
36 - My boss told me that my work had been very good recently and that she
wanted me to keep it up. (continue)
37 - Many of the employees of the company are worried; they've heard a
rumor that the company is going to lay off a number of employees. (tire)
38 - While I was at the market, I was surprised to run into a friend I hadn't seen
in months. (unexpectedly meet)
39 - If I didn't buy milk at the store, we would run out of it at breakfast in
the morning. (completely use the supply of)
40 - That boy has been playing baseball all day. I know he's going to wear out soon. (fire)
41 - The newspapers tend to play up sensational stories if they want to improve
their circulation. (increase the significance of)
42 - He knew that it would be difficult to win the tournament, but he worked
hard to pull it off. (succeed)
43 - She tends to show off a lot. She's very beautiful, and she wants everyone to
notice her. (try to attract attention)
44 - He was supposed to come at 9:00, but he didn't show up until 10:00. (arrive)
45 - Do you know when the wedding will take place? I heard that it would be
Next June. (happen)
46 - Neither my roommate nor I like to do the dishes, so we take turns. (alternate)
47 -  I don't know how to play golf, but it's a sport that I would like to take up. (begin)a hobby)
48 - He applied for the job, but the manager decided to turn down his application because he was not really qualified. (refuse)
49 - The students must turn in their papers on Thursday. The teacher has said
that the papers can't be even one day late. (submit)
50 -  Because I swim so many hours every day,I sometimes feel that I'm going
to turn into a fish. (become)

structure skills in TOEFL Sentences with one clause : Skill one : A subject and a verb

structure skills in TOEFL Sentences with one clause

Skill 1 : a subject and a verb

(Be sure the sentence has a subject and a verb)
Example 1 :
Traffic was backed up for miles on the freeway.
Example 2 :
Engineers are needed for work on the new space program.
Example 3 :
The boy will be going to the movies with a friend.

A sentence in English must have at least one subject and one verb.

Effects of stress in the meaning of English words

Effects of stress in the meaning of English words

A big part of communication in any language in general, and English in particular, isn't language itself but the way how the natives say the words of the language, or what we can call stress or intonation. e g: these sentence (I didn't say he stole the money) gives 7 different meanings according to the position of the stress in the sentence. for more : watch this video

key words
How can you write stress in English sentence?
How can stress change the meaning of English words and sentences?
what is the different between stress and intonation?

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تعلم جميع اللغات للعرب (أشهر المواقع لتعلم اللغات الأجنبية للعرب)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

الحمد لله رب العالمين 
والصلاة والسلام على أشرف المرسلين 
أقدم بين يدى زوارنا الكرام بعض المواقع التى تتيح تعلم أى لغة بطريقة سهلة بإذن الله :

الموقع الأول 

يتيح تعلم جميع اللغات لمعظم المتحدثين باللغات الأخرى من خلال مائة درس صوتى مع كتاب لهذه الصوتيات ، 
للمتحدثين باللغة العربية أختار اللغة التى تريد تعلمها مع تحميل ملفات الصوت والكتاب ، الموقع يتيح تعلم خمسين لغة للمتحدثين بالعربية وغيرها
رابط الموقع :

الموقع الثانى 

هذا الموقع متخصص فى تعليم اللغات للعرب فقط أو للمتحدثين باللغة العربية ، وهو يضم أكثر من 36 لغة يمكن تعلمها ، إختار اللغة المراد تعلمها ، الموقع هام للمعلمين والمتعلمين على حد سواء حيث يقدم الغات بطريقة عرض كعرض الكتب  ، كما يوجد به دروس صوتية ، الموقع مغربى 

رابط الموقع :

الموقع الثالث 

موقع Duolingo ، ولابد من التسجيل فى هذا الموقع حتى يمكنك تعلم اللغات المراد تعلمها ، وهو موقع هام للمبتدين فى تعلم اللغات حيث يتيح لك إمكانية سماع ونطق كلمات وجمل هامة شائعة الإستخدام للغة المراد تعلمها . يمكنك التسجيل الموقع بإستخدام حساب الفيس بوك الخاص بك أو حساب الجوجل بلس أو أى إيميل أخر.

رابط الموقع 

الموقع الرابع 

هذا الموقع خاص بتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية للمتحدثين باللغات الأخرى من العرب وغيرهم ،وهو يتيح إمكانية سماع مقاطع فيديو من أفلام ومسلسلات أجنبية وأفلام كرتون لتحسين مهارة الإستماع ، مع ربط السماع بالجمل الكتابية التى تُكتب على الفيديو 

رابط الموقع 

english central 

الموقع الخامس 

وهذا الموقع مبنى على تشارك المعرفة للمتحدثين باللغات المختلفة حيث أنك كمتحدث باللغة العربية ستجد فى هذا الموقع متحدثين بلغات أخرى يودون التحدث باللغة العربية ومن ثم تقوم أنت بتعليمهم لغتك الغربية وهم يعلمونك اللغة التى تريد تعلمها، فأنت فى هذا الموقع معلم ومتعلم فى نفس الوقت 

رابط الموقع 


الموقع السادس 

موقع لغاتى لتعلم أشهر 18 لغة عالمية للعرب ، وهو منتدى مصرى لتعلم اللغات 

رابط الموقع 


الموقع السابع 

موقع خاص بتعليم اللغة الإنجليزية كلغة ثانية لمتحدثين باللغات الأخرى من خلال شروحات مختلفة تعتمد على شرح القواعد والمصطلحات الهامة وغيرها ، وهو موقع أمريكى ويعد من أشهر الموقع  فى تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية ، كما أنه يتيح معرفة عامة وثقافة متنوعة لرواد الإنترنت ، وجزء تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية هو أحد فروعه .

رابط الموقع 







الموقع الثامن 

رابط الموقع 

Learn English And Enjoy

وهو عبارة عن مدونة لراغبى تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية بطريقة شيقة وسهلة وممتعة

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